manic depressive

i've just finished my second book for the month of June.

this book is entitled: The Time Traveler's Wife

Thank You to 10Thirty for this picture.

if you do not want SPOILERS, please do not continue on because i cannot filter the things i am about to say. :)

to start off, i was reading Brida by Paolo Coelho. however, i didn't know that this book was made into a movie. so, after i ran across the trailer, i was hooked. i immediately foraged for a copy.

to tell you the truth, i was not and never will be a fan of tragic love stories. because i believe that if it's true love, it will always be happy no matter what happens.

anyway, what i like about the book is the combination of science fiction and romance. the author was very good in coercing the two genres. there is a symbiotic relationship between the two genres that the book cannot survive if one is not present.

also, the character development is very true-to-life for me. the characters were as real as i could imagine. i can pinpoint people i know who have the same personality as the characters in the story. it was like reading an anecdote or quasi-autobiography of two people. also, i was definitely attached to the emotions they were experiencing. every situation or happening was carefully written to describe real human experiences.

another thing that caught my attention was the general synopsis. who would have known or thought of writing about a time traveler? who would have involved so many people and yet these people have great impacts to the main characters? i am just at awe at the ability of the author to write such kind of story.

however, each thing has it's pros and cons.

i was not really appalled at all. but, the downside is that the ending is so depressing. but, the author really prepared you for the moment that the time traveler dies. it was so climactic to the end even if it is death.

also, reading the book needs serious concentration because the dates could change in an instant. you have to be aware of what is happening and the dates of each entry so that you would not be lost in what is happening.

over-all, i am very happy with the experience i had with the book. and i am looking forward to seeing the movie.

a two thumbs up!


grabe, ang aga-aga pa sa sem naghahagilap na ako ng groupmates ko.

groupmates, where are thou?

Thank You Brian Bowman for the picture. :)

rehabilitation needed

i should be enjoying my second week with a party tonight. however, recent events are taken into consideration.

last thursday night, we had team training. it was good, i had a few good shots. and have yet to improve on my service.

anyway, the games were intense and i had to block a shot. on my way down, i stepped in someones foot making me trip. in effect, i had torn ligaments as shown in the picture.

Thank you Hughston Clinic for the diagram

sobrang sakit at first. however, i just swept the feeling off. they gave the ball to me after that which turned out to be a good cross-court shot. the night went on and the ankle didn't bother me. after the game, however,i was saddened; although, i knew that it was all part of sports.

what scared me the most was that during my sleep i was waken by some stabbing pains on my knee. i was really hoping it wouldn't be ACL. earlier this morning, i asked my aunt to bring me to a specialist for a check-up.

it was a good thing that the doctor said that it was a delayed shock and that there is no damage done to my knees and that i escaped with only an ankle sprain.

he also told me to take and rest and refrain from doing strenuous physical activities or my sprain would worsen. he said that three days would be a good rehabilitation for the said injury.

this was my breather. the third day would fall on monday and that i don't have to worry about tuesday's team practice. so, the offer of getting it on still remains.

a typical schoolweek

wow. i have been rolling continuously for the past few days.

it's just the second week of school and requirements, homeworks and case studies are aplenty. for the past four years of my college life, never have i had this kind of first few weeks of school.

then, i was just slacking off and wondering when i will be studying for my first exam. however, now seems to be entirely different. if i am not seen studying IE 141, i would be solving example problems. i would be reading the IE 135 book or just rewriting my Bio and Eng30 notes.

apart from the fact that i am targeting to be a College Scholar this semester, i am turning over a new leaf. goodjob to me. :)

anyway, the highlight/s of the week, although it has not yet come to an end, are the tuesday and thursday Engineering Men's Volleyball Varsity training.

i am really pushing myself to do the best that i can. however, i know that i haven't shown all of my potential.

i should be really working hard so that they may be convinced that i should remain part of the competing team. next tuesday, it will really be GAME TIME.

anyway, this is just a short entry of what is currently happening. and tomorrow, i have an IE141 Quiz so i'd better study.

P.S. i have a semi-sprain. i hope it won't worsen. :'(


uneventful day.

i never realized that a two-hour class could be this tiring. :D


today is tiring. but not stressful-tiring but happy-tiring.

let me share this happiness. :)

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musically deficient

surprisingly, we were watching GMA7 earlier. this was a bit odd since the family has been an ABS-CBN fan for years.

anyway, Are You the Next Big Star is being shown. i was only able to watch the first four contestants, though.

what really caught my attention was the judges' comments on the participant's performances. the contestants we're so-and-so. i was not impressed by their performances. and, to tell you the truth, i know nothing about singing skills and whatnot. so, being musically-deficient, it was, for me, not big-star-ish.

we go back to the judges' comments. actually, i was surprised that the first contestant's genre is jazz. it was surprising because not many Filipinos can appreciate the music. or maybe, they do not hear it that often which makes them not appreciate the genre. this first judge (i don't remember who) told the contestant to not impose her wanted genre.

and i was like, woah. do you even hear yourself? and, you say you are an expert. i hate to butt in but this time, i think that you are very wrong. i am saddened by the lack of musical diversity of the Filipinos. we stick to rock, pop, alternative and other deviants of such genre. never do we hear of jazz, bossa, country, folk and the like.

i was in love with sitti when it was her time to shine. i loved the bossa music she made. but what happened? people got tired because there were no new songs for her to sing. we lack the enthusiasm of hearing different genres. and as the judge simply put it, every artist needs to be in the mainstream.

and that was the end of the story. the question is almost always are you mainstream. not, how well you do your part as an artist.

the judge also said that the contestant could never fill up an Arenata Coliseum with such genre. i am asking on why stop the contestant from choosing her own genre. why impose something on her and not develop her into the artist she wants to be?

we Filipinos lack this kind of culture other countries have. i am not looking down at our race, but we have got to learn.

semester starter

it's the end of the first week of class. and, i think it is time that i evaluate all of my classes. :)

Expected Grade: N/A

i haven't met my Bio1 prof because he/she didn't bother to come to class on the two days that we have a meeting. or maybe he/she was just so busy preparing our super incredible class syllabus.

either way, i am still not comfortable taking Bio in college. it was the subject i hated most back in high school.

but what have i got to say? FACE YOUR FEARS and LIVE YOUR DREAMS. or maybe it was a tag line of a famous brand.

PROFESSOR: Sharon Teodosio
Expected Grade: I won't accept anything lower than 2.0

clearly, one of the more enjoyable classes this semester. for me, it is like a real life class. it involves some strategy we need to employ after graduation and when we are seeking employment.

the week is basically talking. however, later on we would be writing things like memos, reports, letters and resumes. the class is entitled English for the Professions. i think that this is one subject every UP student ought to take. very useful, in my opinion.

Professor: Ronald Po
Expected Grade: anything higher than or equal to 1.75

i am looking forward to the lab classes and the project. ergonomics is a very interesting topic to me. also, Sir Po said that it is one of his most loved IE subjects. so, i guess he will be doing a good job in teaching this subject.

also, BEST PROJECT! haha. in every project, you should always aim to present the best among the rest. :)

PROFESSOR: Mickey Mancenido
Expected Grade: something between 1.5 and 2.25

one of the subject i am very excited to learn. ma'am introduced to us the paradigm of quality control. which is very interesting. she told us that the study will not only analytical but also philosophical. i totally agree.

i am also looking forward to this subject's, project. very very interesting.

Expected Grade: something between 1.5 and 2.25

this is the subject most people are very afraid of. it has a very high mortality rate as shown by the previous batches. anyway, i won't let that bother me.

ie141 is highly analytical. however, it is also fun. i guess, i am having fun because it's just the first few days of class. however, operations research also interests me. so, i guess i wouldn't mind studying hard for it.

the professor is also cool and funny. the class is never boring because you'll never know when your face will pop out of the computer screen. haha. i've been a victim of this. :P

i think that reading and solving will really help me get through this - with flying colors.

the last class

PROFESSOR: Jose Magpantay
Expected Grade: Between 1.75 and 2.5

he is a terror professor as others say. but also, he is funny. i don't know why i find him funny.

anyway, i guess that if you just put enough effort for him to see that you really prepared for the report and you studied for the exam, he might be really nice to give you a good grade.

but, with the majors and stuff, i don't think that a GE is worth that effort. but hey, i have goal this semester. so, might as well, ibigay na ng todo.

gloomy joy

so, what have i got for you today.

nothing, at all.

the day is so-so. what i like about the day is that the rain is a bit light. it is the kind of rain that makes me happy. :)

in good moderation

im so sorry that i am not able to blog for the past few days.

and, as you've read the latest entry i've made myself a living home for the flu virus. it's a good thing that i didn't develop the dreaded swine flu.

i am happy that i am well in time for the start of class. the sickness might be the hidden blessing behind the suspension of classes.

actually, i never get sick when classes are on going. so, i personally think that this is the sickness i've been waiting for.

anyway, i now know the reason why i got sick in the first place: FRUITS!

i really love fruits. they are my natural sources of vitamins i need to make my immune system strong. i especially like citrus ones like ponkan, sunkist and orange - all three are different members of the orange family.

one cannot also remove the watermelon, melon, strawberry, lychee, mango and tamarind from the list.

today, when i got home, i was really happy. on our dining table sits our "fruit basket" with an awfully large number of fruits.

it was like a perfect ending to a semi-tiring day. :)

extension fail

this extended vacation did not do me any good.

right now, my throat hurts when i cough and my head is like being banged on a wall multiple times a day. i have developed what we call a flu.

thank you to Vi.Sualize.Us for the picture

oh no. i do not have swine flu. :) pero, i am really praying that i don't have that kind of disease. but, i don't show the symptoms of the said ailment. good thing.

now, i am stuck at home, unable to "enjoy" the remaining days of vacation.

it's a good thing i have Scrubs here with me.